Monday, September 10, 2007

Beyond the Rhetoric

We all like to get more ideas so we can expand our knowledge base, improve our fitness and the fitness of those we train. More so than ever, we unfortunately realize that there are many sources in our field of strength and conditioning that have tainted the fitness world, offering the proviso that they and they alone “have the secret.” Mistakenly, many people get reeled in to these biased resources and find themselves blindly following a ritualistic approach that is no better than a pumped of version of the basics. It becomes a voyage of the blind leading the blind.
So where can you go to continually educate yourself without having to sift through all the muck and mire and get some impartial ideas? Lately I’ve been checking out sites that are about running and biking. I do both activities and after delving deeper, I found that these sources offered some solid information on strength and conditioning training for their particular activity. Of course, I didn’t agree with all of their recommendations, but their suggestions are open-minded and based on helping the respective athlete improve their performance without selling them a bill of goods or suggesting that there was only “one best way.” These resources, with their offering of general information, allow the new as well as the experienced trainee to sift through very easily the simple, yet effective ideas without all the rhetoric.

Here is one you can start with. - Fred Fornicola