Friday, August 06, 2010

"On-Line" Training

Gather round, Fred Fornicola is now offering “Online Training” services for anyone interested in working one-on-one with Fred.


• In-Depth Consultation
• Health History Evaluation
• Goal Setting
• Exercise Selection and Equipment Recommendations
• Personalized Exercise Program


• Review of Training Video Performance
• Email Inquiries
• And much, much more.

If you are interested, Fred Fornicola can be contacted at 908.433.4542 or via email at For more information about Fred and Premiere Personal Fitness, visit


Initial Consultation (by appointment) - $40.00

Hour Phone Session (by appointment) - $75.00

30 Minute Follow up (by appointment) - $30.00

Additional emails inquiries and video performance evaluation extra.

Sign up for Fred’s services after consultation and receive a $20 credit towards your program!

“Fred has always gone above and beyond to help me with any health, nutrition and training related questions or assistance I needed, whether I am there in person or if we work together online. He is always available and always willing to share all that he has to offer.” – Vicki A.

“Fred Fornicola is a trainer. Wait, you say. You knew that. No, Fred Fornicola IS a REAL trainer. Fred is constantly thinking about how to make workouts effective given constraints thrown at him that might come with each individual. He's one trainer I would trust to train my kids. And, for me, that's a big deal. Safety while being effective is always part of his equation.” – Bill Piche