Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fat Loss Contest Results

From February 1st to April 30th, 2010, The Jersey Shore Health and Wellness Group ran its first “Fat Loss Contest”. As the title implies, this contest was geared toward losing fat, not just bodyweight, which required the participants to not only tailor their eating habits but to also engage in a strength training program so as not to lose muscle tissue.

First, the contestants met with our Clinical Nutritionist, Tom Mantos. Tom handled the nutritional/diet portion of the program and placed the contestants on a modified Mediterranean, low glycemic diet. He measured body weight and composition by using bioelectrical impedance and structured a custom vitamin/mineral supplementation program based on each individual’s specific health profile.

Fred Fornicola was the Fitness Professional who administered the physical training for the individuals. The contestants exercise program was based primarily on high intensity strength training done one to two times per week for 30 minutes or less. Very little if any additional cardiovascular exercise was done throughout the program other than what was gleaned from the high intensity strength training sessions.

The results that were encountered were amazing. As a group of 8 (with a median age of 43), the total pounds in body fat that was lost was 137.9 pounds (an average of 17.24 lbs. of fat per person). There was also an increase in muscle tissue that totaled 8.1 pounds (an average of 1 lb. per person). Our winner (a 55 year old male), lost 25.8 pounds of fat and gained 2.4 pounds of lean muscle tissue!

Congratulations to all 8 contestants for doing so well.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Is It Worth the Money

Consider this scenario, if you will.....Your faucet is leaking and you've spend hours trying to figure out how to fix it, but you can't. You're frustrated and tired of not getting the results you want so you finally call a qualified plumber to handle the problem. The plumber arrives and in a matter of minutes, fixes the leak and charges you $75. At first you're taken back by the price for the little amount of time spent fixing the leak, but you then realize the plumber had one advantage that you did not - he knew what he was doing and you didn't and therefore, worth every penny.

Folks, knowledge and experience matter and usually worth the money. Please check out my programs and rates for more information about what I have to offer you.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Few Words From One of the "Elite"

After struggling for a long time to find the right type of strength and conditioning approach for me, I think Fred's on to something with this one. This Elite Program is very challenging, but has been the most effective regimen for me and my lifestyle. With a very demanding and stressful work schedule, I have found this approach to be very efficient in generating impressive results with measurable and sustained fat loss and increased muscle gain over the last few months.

I feel fortunate that Fred chose me to be one of the "Elite".

Thanks, Fred,
Darryl Hughes