Saturday, March 20, 2010

Premiere Personal Fitness - The "Elite Lite" Training Program


Premiere Personal Fitness – The “Elite Lite” Training Program

The “Elite Lite” Training Program is for those looking to achieve a high level of strength and fitness. This program is similar to the “Elite” program in that it focuses on safe, efficient and effective applications but does not offer all services as expressed in the “Elite” program. The program is detailed as follows:

*Very specific exercises and modalities will be utilized to give you a personalized approach to developing your overall level of strength and fitness.

* A highly individualized program will be developed to satisfy your personal and physical needs/goals.

*We will work closely as a team for your success in this project, so communication is imperative.

*An extremely high level of effort from both trainer (me) and trainee (you) is required to benefit from this program, and commitment must be made to the program by adhering and complying with all aspects involved (a strong work ethic, focusing on improving, not missing a workout, etc.).

*To increase the strength of your heart and to efficiently burn body fat, little rest will be taken between exercises. This fast-moving application stimulates the metabolic system and increases your fat burning metabolism. It is, without a doubt, one of the best ways to improve cardiovascular health, build muscle and improve your physical appearance.

*All exercises will be performed with a high level of effort. Due to the high level of intensity on each exercise at each workout, total sets will not exceed 10-12.

*Training session will be intense with a focus on working hard.

*Some exercises will involve the use of slow repetition speeds and will be performed with a 10/10 cadence. This means you will raise the weight over a 10 second period and lower the weight in 4 seconds - never allowing it to stop moving during the set. Each rep will offer NO REST PERIODS - so it's continual workload. Static Contraction Training (pushing against an immoveable resistance) will be used as well to intensify the training session as will traditional training methods.

*Training sessions will last approximately 25-30 minutes.

*Each training session is $55.00. An individual would benefit with two (2) weekly workouts or a training schedule of once every three (3) or four (4) days.

*As always, we can discuss additional ways of improving your heath but the main focus is PROGRESS AT THE GYM!

All Training Programs Come With a FREE Consultation and Health History Evaluation.

**Additional Add-On Services Available Under This Program:

Body Fat Analysis - $5.00
Stretching - $10.00