Saturday, March 20, 2010

Premiere Personal Fitness - The "High Performance" Training Program


Premiere Personal Fitness – The “High Performance” Training Program

The “High Performance” Training Program is for those looking to achieve a very high level of cardiovascular fitness and burn excess body fat through intense conditioning principles. The program is detailed as follows:

*Very specific exercises and workloads will be utilized to give you a personalized approach to developing your cardiovascular and fat burning systems.

* A highly individualized program will be developed to satisfy your personal and physical needs/goals.

*We will work closely as a team for your success in this project, so communication is imperative.

*A high level of effort from both trainer (me) and trainee (you) is required to benefit from this program, and commitment must be made to the program by adhering and complying with all aspects involved (a strong work ethic, focusing on improving, not missing a workout, etc.).

*To increase the strength of your heart and to efficiently burn body fat, we will use specific interval periods to maximize your efforts to improve cardiovascular health and improve your physical appearance.

*All workloads will be performed with a high level of output. Due to the level of effort on each work effort, actual total work time will not exceed 8-10 minutes after appropriate warm-ups and recovery periods are implemented.

*Heart rates are monitored and evaluated for peak performance.

*Training sessions will last approximately 25-30 total minutes (or less) due to the high level of effort.

*Each training session is $40.00. One (1) or two (2) sessions per week are enough to stimulate improvement in cardiovascular health and body fat reduction and make for a good addition to one (1) or two (2) strength sessions.

*As always, we can discuss additional ways of improving your heath but the main focus is PROGRESS AT THE GYM!

All Training Programs Come With a FREE Consultation and Health History Evaluation.

**Additional Add-On Services Available Under This Program:

Body Fat Analysis - $10.00
Stretching - $15.00