Monday, March 24, 2008

Train With A Purpose

In big, bold letters across one of the walls of my facility, I have my motto that states simply and succinctly to "Train With A Purpose". It's a sentiment that I strongly believe in. It's a philosophy I try to instill in my clients. It's a statement that is defined by each individual whom I work with - and well it should.

But what is meant by "Train With A Purpose"? Your initial thought might revolve around a specific goal such as losing weight or doing a specific number of pushups, and if you are thinking along these lines, you would be incorrect. Training with a purpose is something that each individual needs to develop for themselves. Training with "purpose" describes a meaningful experience, not just a dutiful existence in the gym aimlessly and mechanically performing exercise. Going about exercise (and life) without a purpose defeats the intent - and therefore limits the experience.

It has been said that wisdom is derived from the "doing", but only higher levels can be obtained if the doing is done with 100% purpose. - Fred Fornicola