Thursday, April 03, 2008


The Internet has created such a dogmatic view on what is the "best way" to exercise that it has paralyzed more people than helped them. Implementing protocols such Tabata conditioning, high intensity training, CrossFit etc., etc. have erected stone walls and kept people from thinking for themselves. Individuals have laid stakes to claim idealistic opportunities - making others feel that if they can not follow through on their "optimum recommendations" they will not fullfill their true potential - speaking as if their way is the only way. Is the Tabata 4 minute protocol enough work to satisfy one's "health needs"? I don't know, maybe, maybe not. Is that all the time you truly have to exercise? If so, then by all means train for those 4 minutes. Hell, a little bit of something beats a whole lot of nothing any day. Can you find 15 consecutive minutes in your day to do something for your physical, mental and emotional being? If so, then do it. It's not the exercises, the routines, the training systems, etc. that makes the body healthier and stronger, it's in the DOING that does and for anyone who sits and plans yet does not execute will find themselves standing in the exact spot where they started. - Fred Fornicola