Friday, October 10, 2008

Making a Healthy and Delicious Apple Pie

It's that time of year again where apples are in abundance. Apples are a low glycemic fruit and are rich sources of phytochemicals (compounds found in plants, fruits, and vegetables that can act as anti-oxidants). A great way to enjoy apples - other than by just having them plain - is to put a little nut butter on them or make them into a sauce, but one of the best tasting ways to eat an apple is when they are used for APPLE PIE.

I want to share a very fast and easy recipe for you. I eat a gluten-free diet so I use a pre-made, frozen gluten free pie crust that can be purchased at most health food stores or major food chains. When possible, try using organic or locally grown apples for this recipe.

1 pie crust

5 apples - peeled, sliced and halved. Note: some of the best baking apples are Fuji and Gayla - they are sweet but maintain a firm texture when baked

juice from one lemon

tsp of salt

2 tbsp of raw sugar

tbsp of cinnamon

tbsp of vanilla extract

2 tbsp of gluten free pancake mix

Mix the apples, lemon juice, salt, sugar, cinnamon, vanilla and pancake mix in a large bowl. Once thoroughly mixed, place in pie crust. Cover the entire pie with tin foil and make sure it is sealed all the way around. Poke a few vent holes on the top and place in a pre-heated 525* oven for 60 minutes. Take the pie out and let cool at room temperature.

This is a great way to have a relatively low calorie, low glycemic dessert for the whole family. Enjoy!