Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Big Daddy D

Big Daddy D

Darryl (also referred to as Big Daddy D around here) has been training with me for 6 ½ years. Darryl has been on the up-and-down fat loss wagon for some years now, but over the last 6 month’s we have honed in on the right exercise frequency/intensity and he has stayed strong on his nutritional plan allowing him to lose over 25 pounds of fat and gain around 5+ pounds of muscle. Darryl at one time trained twice a week then went to three times a week and for the last several month’s has been strength training just once a week with me. On Saturday’s, he and a couple of other guys come in and we go through a very intense conditioning program using the Concept II Rower and the Concept II SkiErg.

Today, Darryl’s workout consisted of the following:

*Machine Pullover – 8 reps to failure plus a couple forced reps - supersetted with*Machine Pulldowns – 4 reps plus a static hold in the MMA position (Maximum Moment Arm)* Machine Shoulder Press – 3 reps plus various static hold positions for 5 seconds each*Single Leg, Leg Press on the Nautilus Leverage – 5 reps each leg alternating for 3 sets (15 total reps per leg)* TrapBar DL/Hi Pull combo for a handful of reps…..(see attached video)

And then Darryl rested……he had no choice!

Check out the video! DARRYL DEADLIFTS