Tuesday, March 01, 2011

The "10 in 10" Program

Fitness Professional, Fred Fornicola and Nutritionist, Tom Mantos are conducting a workshop on how to lose "10 pounds in 10 weeks" (your mileage may vary). Spring is a blink away and it's time to get ready to look good in shorts and a T-shirt.

Fred Fornicola will be discussing and providing a 10 week fat-burning cardiovascular plan for every level of fitness and Tom Mantos has devised a nutritional program geared purely at burning fat and losing weight and will cover all demographics of nutritional needs.

You must sign up for the workshop by notifying Fred or Tom and please feel free to bring a friend - it's always a great idea to have a partner when you are pursuing these types of programs. If you can't make the meeting, that's fine as our information can be made available to you and payment can be arranged.

Date: Thursday, March 10th
Time: 7:30PM
Location: Premiere Personal Fitness - 614 Lake Ave., Asbury Park
Cost: $50.00

Feel free to contact Fred or Tom for more details: Jersey Shore Health & Wellness Group