Thursday, October 26, 2006

60 Minutes to Better Health

When I have conversations with people about exercise I often find them offering many excuses as to why they don’t perform any exercise. Many are under the impression that you have to put in a set amount of time and do a certain type of exercise or workout to gain any real benefits. Because most are confused and mislead, they find themselves doing nothing because they can’t make their “5 day a week, 2 hour workouts” and anything less will not yield any kind of improvement. Yeah, that makes sense, do nothing at all, that will make you real healthy.

After patiently listening to these reasons for performing no activity I offer a simple yet effective concept for them to think about. This usually results in me receiving a strange look – stranger than I usually get but I have their attention none the less. I offer the crazy notion of performing 2 weekly sessions that last no more than 30 minutes. This would mean that we could reduce their proposed weekly schedule of 10 hours a week down to one per week! WOW, who wouldn’t like to reduce their training time down to 10% of what they used to do – or thought they HAD to do?

Training with a high level of intensity (see my previous post on “Defining INTENISTY”) two times per week can definitely improve your level of strength, fitness and overall level of health and well-being. It just takes hard work, consistency and dedication to achieving your goals. I think that most can agree that finding time to workout 30 minutes twice a week to improve the quality of their life shouldn’t be that difficult.

In a future installment I’ll discuss my 15 minute challenge for those who don’t have 30 minutes to spare.

“Train With A Purpose”

Fred Fornicola