Tuesday, October 17, 2006

What is High Intensity Training?

With all the garbage that continues to swirl around the high intensity training (HIT) community about who is right by HIT experts that were not around when Arthur Jones was developing Nautilus equipment and high intensity training principles. The following quote is taken from the book "Maximize Your Training" by Dr. Ken Leistner, noted strength coach from Valley Stream NY, who in my opinion summed high intensity training the best.

"Hit is going all out, not almost all out: It is taking each set to one's absolute limit, not almost to the limit: It is using whatever piece of equipment that is available, not just a machine or group of machines: it is not the words of two or three men, but a commitment to work as hard as possible while in the gym or weight room......without socializing, resting excessively between sets, or falling prey to the "this isn't going to work so I'll copy the star attitude." Hit is hard but it is effective. HIT is hard but it should be safe relative to other methods of training. It is demanding but rewarding. It can, if used properly, be the necessary vehicle to alter one's physical strength, muscular size, and level of confidence both in and out of the athletic arena."

This is me talking now. It's not about obsessing about every damn little thing that may or may not be important. And it's not about getting on some discussion board and making an ass out of yourself. Wonder why HIT is misunderstood? Get on one of these discussion boards and have a go with one of the resident experts. - Jim Bryan, Strength Coach

Editors note: Both Jim Bryan and Dr. Ken Leistner are two men that I have the highest regard for and have learned a great deal from. Both gentlemen where part of an exciting time in the field of strength and fitness before trends and lab coat technicians infiltrated the industry.

Train hard, be consistent and move on. - Fred Fornicola