Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Do You Own A Floor?

“Do you own a floor?” Crazy, or more like obnoxious question right, but that’s what I ask when people tell me they don’t have time to get to the gym. Our trendy fitness culture has lead many to feel that the gym is the only place “serious people” go to improve their strength and fitness but I can assure you, the use of your own bodyweight and a level floor can yield one heck of a workout if you are applying a high level of effort.

In my training facility I have a nice selection of machines, dumbbells and other odd objects to build strength, but I still implement exercises such as the good old pushup, bodyweight squat and crunch as often as I can. Ok, I hear some of you saying “I can’t do many pushups”. No problem, reduce the amount of resistance (your bodyweight) by kneeling on your knees or leaning up against a wall and work your way up to doing floor pushups or better yet, do negative only pushups (help yourself to the “up” position then slowly (6-8 seconds) lower yourself to the ground). How do you do squats with bad balance? Hold on to a secure object like a post or the handles of an open door. Necessity is the mother of invention so FIND WAYS.

Additional “floor” exercises to help build strength that can be used for variety are the stationary or walking lunge, wall squat, side plank hold, side crunch, four point hold and toe raise. Pick a handful of movements (3-5), work to muscular fatigue, take very little rest between exercises and perform 2-3 non-consecutive sessions each week. Just do yourself a favor and get busy!

"Train With A Purpose"

Fred Fornicola