Friday, December 01, 2006

There Are No Secrets

“Psst, hey you, wanna know the REAL secret to having great abs….?”

How many times have you heard that kind of marketing hooey from the many money hungry industry gluttons who would like you to believe that there are secrets to becoming stronger and physically fit, promising that they and they alone are the ones with the magical answers? Amazing as it is, people still lean closely in to hear what they have to say, even after being bamboozled several times before by someone else (or even the same people) promising similar magical feats.

Here are the cold, hard facts folks. There are no secrets; there are no special gizmos, gadgets, formulas, workouts or pills to making you stronger and fit. Too often people get hung up on what I call the “X’s and O’s” of training – you know, the “best workout” or “best diet” or cardiovascular plan that happens to be trendy that particular month. Unfortunately, most people don’t know the why or how of performing meaningful exercise and are constantly mislead and misguided leaving them hopelessly lost and discouraged. Ok, maybe I lied – there are some secrets, but I’ll only share them with you, so listen closely. Use basic exercises, work hard and efficiently, be consistent with your training, conditioning and nutrition and stop trying to find the magic bullet. Simple works gang – it’s been proven time and time again.

"Train With A Purpose"

Fred Fornicola