Monday, March 05, 2007

Exercise for the Average Person

As a non-athlete, non-bodybuilding home trainer, I found the following quote to be very interesting. For the last few months I have been following a similar bodyweight routine of chins, dips, body rows, pushups and squats. I do one set to failure on each exercise & train 2 days per week. If the weather is good, I will walk a couple of days per week also. I have found this type of workout to be perfect for the needs of average people that are not interested in sports performance or "bodybuilding", but simply need to increase their "functional ability" for everyday life (mowing the lawn, carrying groceries up the stairs, moving some furniture, etc). In August, I will begin my 48th trip around the sun. I no longer have the time, nor the desire, to try to look like a bodybuilder or male fitness model. I'm just trying to stay in shape for living. When I compare myself to my peer group & not 25 year olds, I feel that I stack up pretty well. – Jay Setser