Sunday, March 18, 2007

A New Way To Work Out?

For many years I ran and did bodyweight exercises, because I didn't like weights and believed they would make you slow, bulky, etc,.. I used what I learned in the marine corps, which included push ups, pull ups, squat thrusts, etc. I even did some rope climbing and wrestlers bridges I learned in high school. I did these things when I got a sedentary job after years of physical work. I still use bw exercises and like them.NOW, all this stuff is being presented as if it's been some big secret kept from the public! Really? I had no idea I was so avant garde! The truth is, a lot of people buy into this boot camp stuff for the same reason they buy into Pilates or whatever. They think it will make them look substantially different than they do, in some relatively easy fashion. And there is a certain "tough guy" glamour that appeals to some people. I have seen ads about "blow-torching off fat", like if you do a hard set of bw squats or swing your kettlebell you'll suddenly drop tons of flab. Forget about diet. Forget about how you have to really work hard consistently.I'm waiting for some of these folks to pay some big guy in a uniform to kick sand in ther faces and scream at them about being "pukes and quitters who ain't packing the gear"... I'm hoping the next big craze is "manual labor fitness" so I can get some of these unfortunates to put in my new rock garden and deck. This too, will pass. - Regards,Griff