Sunday, April 08, 2007

Extra Conditioning

Due to time restraints I don't do as much cardio/conditioning work as I would like. Notice I said "as I would like" – not what I HAVE to do. I think that hard, intense training done consistently will help almost any need for cardio but I feel different "cardio expressions" have a skill component just like anything else. For instance, train hard in traditional high intensity manner and then go out and run 10 hard sprints. The sprints will kick your butt. Why? Not because your "cardio" isn't good, it's because you’re not used to the activity. Start running sprints for awhile and you'll get good at them. Anything you start new that is physically challenging will kick your butt at first until you get used to it. Don't believe it? Train hard for a month, get used to that workout so that you can go nonstop through it for 20-45 minutes. OK, so now you feel you’re in pretty good shape! Now grab a surf board and paddle out into the surf when it's running good. Do that nonstop for an hour if you can. It will wipe you out UNTIL you get used to it or build the skill. Do I need extra cardio? I don't know? But................ I do need the extra activity outside the gym. I feel that recreation is an important component of overall fitness. – Jim Bryan, Strength Coach