Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Something Old, Something New

Everyone is always looking for something new and improved to add to their fitness routine in order to spark new interest or get over a training plateau. Often times we look for some never before seen exercise, outlandish routine sequence, or new age exercise machine or gadget. However, sometimes something old can be something very new as in the case of one of my recent workouts. Not to long ago I purchased an Atlas Stone, a 40 lbs 10 inches in diameter, stone ball. This exercise devise could quite possibly be one of the oldest forms resistance training. I mean there is nothing new about picking up a “rock” and lifting it in various directions. However, the muscle stimulation is something that must be felt to truly understand. Lifting an odd shaped object forces the body to compensate and use muscles, especially the midsection and upper back, to stabilize the torso in a non-traditional manner. Simple exercises like, overhead press, curls, squats, rows, deadlifts, push-ups really force the body to work hard, which is what training is all about – right! Add to that some more complex or combination lifts and the heart and lungs will really get a workout as well. For example, squat/ press, or power cleans to shoulders, or even the arm curl and press combo will have you feeling the effects similar to any interval workout imaginable. So to get new results out of your training turn to something old and give odd lifting a try. Whether an Atlas stone, sand bag, or drift wood from the beach have fun and get moving. - Doug Scott, Strength Coach

To purchase a stone, contact Steve Slater