Monday, February 04, 2008

Motivation - By Jim Bryan

We all need it from time to time. From beginners, to me with over 50 years of training in every way known. Some trainees are natural “self starters” but most need encouragement. Making yourself go through the discomfort of training is hard on some, even though they know they need it for their health and well being. Women especially need to do weight bearing exercises to minimize muscle loss and to keep their bones strong. Later in life women suffer greatly sometimes because of bone loss. Men become fatter without some type of consistent training format. Men also suffer from muscle loss. It’s a “move it or loose it” proposition for both sexes.

You would think that most could grasp the reality that exercise is good for their health? A consistent training program along with reducing calories will add years of quality to your life. But some just can’t face the prospect of being uncomfortable while working out. I feel that training should be enjoyed not dreaded but I myself have times when I need more than coffee to get me going. I have been involved in serious and continuous training for over 50 years. How do I do it? I happen to like working out. I have been doing it since I was a preteen. I also read differing viewpoints on health and exercise. I like using weight training but I also use body weight training too. When it gets down to the nuts and bolts I feel that something is better than nothing. Get up, get out, and go for a walk! Take the dog with you, because if you’re not exercising I’m sure Fido isn’t either. Join a gym! Yes, I understand many gyms today are very intimidating. Find a park with pull up bars and fresh air! Find a Private Training Facility, One with one Trainer and one client. That way the gym is yours and no one is watching you. Look at training as part of your life, just as much a part as brushing your teeth, or finding food. The training should energize you, not leave you with a beat up feeling for days.

Not everyone should workout the same way. Some need hard training and some just need to move more. Bottom line is do it for you. If you have children let them see your involvement and dedication to being healthy. Children learn by observation, be a good example. Show them that it’s a good thing having energy, and enjoying life. You know, it is really a blessing to be strong and be able to move around! Don't let a full productive life slip from your hands, Get up! Live long, and live STRONG! - Jim Bryan