Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What's Everyone Saying About "Youth Fitness"?

“Cardiovascular disease, cancer, back problems and other musculoskeletal ailments are things that we read and hear about every day and sometimes it hits close to home. Yet, something can be done about it. Start the journey by taking the first steps. This book can give kids and grownups the facts that they need and a game plan for them to get it done!”

Ed Cicale, MA
Physical Education Instructor
Oak Hills Schools
Cincinnati, Ohio

“In today’s fast-paced society, the typical high school and middle school student wants instant results and aren’t willing to work very hard to get those results. The authors provide readers with an excellent source of information to start the road back to a higher level of physical fitness and health. It’s an excellent resource for health teachers, physical education teachers, coaches, parents and young adults.”

Mike Shibinski, MS, CSCS
Strength Coach/Physical Education Teacher Princeton High School Cincinnati, Ohio

“As a high school physical education teacher, I see daily the effects that sedentary lifestyles have on young people. It’s essential to give parents and children the tools for developing realistic, lifelong fitness habits. Youth Fitness: An Action Plan for Shaping America’s Kids is a great resource for anyone looking to make lifestyle changes and get started on the path to optimal health.”

Rick Rignell, MA, CSCS
Physical Education Teacher and Strength Coach
Anoka High School
Anoka, Minnesota

“Finally, a book that doesn’t “sugarcoat” the issues that are associated with youth fitness but addresses them honestly, openly and candidly. As a high school teacher, this book really made me evaluate my own program and look at how I can implement some of its suggestions to better serve my students and athletes. The book is a great read for coaches, parents, teachers or anyone who influences the lives of young people.”

Doug Scott, BS, CSCS
Fitness Coordinator
The Pingry School
Martinsville, New Jersey

“It’s great to see the authors taking action to put youth fitness back on track. Over time, America has strayed from the importance of physical activity in the daily routines of its school-aged children. Having a book like this that focuses on a plan of action for youth fitness is certain to be a valuable resource for teaching kids the many benefits of a healthy lifestyle.”

Mary L. Wolk, MS, H/FI, ACE-CPT
General Manager
Georgetown Law Sport/Fitness Center
Washington D.C.

“Today’s young people will have a shorter life expectancy than their parents if we are not able to address the epidemic of childhood obesity. Youth Fitness: An Action Plan for Shaping America’s Kids provides important and critical information to parents, educators and community leaders in the struggle to shift the culture of America.”

William Lovett
New Jersey Alliance of YMCAs

“Youth Fitness: An Action Plan for Shaping America’s Kids is an absolute must for all physical education teachers and fitness professionals. Many books talk about the low fitness levels of today’s youth, but few offer any practical solutions to the problem. This book gives the practitioner easy to follow steps to improve children’s fitness. It’s an invaluable tool for our physical education department.”

Ryan Carlson, MEd
Health/Physical Education Teacher
Chaska Middle School West
Chaska, Minnesota

Head Strength and Conditioning Coach
Minnetonka High School
Minnetonka, Minnesota

“This book is a long overdue source of information. In light of epidemic health issues in America’s youth, the authors address these problems based on sound academic research. Youth Fitness: An Action Plan for Shaping America’s Kids should be on everyone’s bookshelf.”

Joe Ross
Head Football Coach
Jesuit High School
Tampa, Florida

“Youth Fitness: An Action Plan for Shaping America’s Kids is essential for every parent, coach, trainer, therapist and doctor who deals with children and adolescents. If you’re trying to maximize athletic performance for elite or recreational youths, this book is a vital resource.”

Dr. Adam Shafran
Fitness Expert, Author, Radio Host and Chiropractor
Atlanta, Georgia

“There is no doubt that kids are in very good hands as the authors are highly innovative educators who took the time to address an issue that has no parallel in significance: the health of a nation’s youth! This book should be read by parents, coaches, trainers and physical educators not just in America but worldwide.”

Randy Roach
Author and YMCA Canada Trainer
Waterloo, Ontario

“Youth Fitness: An Action Plan for Shaping America’s Kids is an educative approach to not only understanding the health concerns of America’s youth but also how to develop a proactive plan to get them fit and keep them fit. The authors do a great job of guiding the reader through a comprehensive look at what fitness means for our youth as well as a practical, step-by-step approach to creating desired fitness outcomes. This is a must read for parents and educators alike.”

Brian J. Wilt, PhD
Recreation Management Department
Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania
Lock Haven, Pennsylvania

“Everything trickles down. And so it has come to fitness and planned routine exercise. Adults have been doing it for years and finally the benefits for our youth have been discovered. Little has been done to study and research and design well made exercises for teens and pre teens. The authors have given many in the fitness business a manual for planned, well-designed exercise. Coaches and parents interested in their youth can benefit from this book.”

Sam Stern
Fitness Coach and Personal Trainer
YMCA of Philadelphia and Vicinity
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“Youth Fitness: An Action Plan for Shaping America’s Kids provides invaluable information that is both practical and comprehensive. The organization and the thoroughness of this book are outstanding. Applying the sound and easily understood principles that the authors advocate can change America’s future. This book should be in every library in the United States.”

Steve Baldwin, MS, CSCS
Strength Coach and Owner
Just Strength Training
Nashville, Tennessee

“As a clinician who has labored long in the field of youth fitness, I feel quite strongly about the overall health benefits of exercise. This book is innovative, yet easy to read, and contains a proactive approach to tackling the fitness problem within our youth population. Physical education, health and fitness professionals: Read this book!”

John Mikula, CTRS, H/FI, CCS
Recreational Therapist
Gainesville, Florida

"Youth Fitness: An Action Plan for Shaping America's Kids is a MUST HAVE resource for P.E. teachers, coaches, recreation directors, parents and anyone interested in improving the declining fitness level our youth. All the bases are covered in an organized, comprehensive, yet easy-to-read manner. No fads or gimmicks; this book presents a safe, orthopedically age appropriate plan to address a nation-wide need. "

Scott Hays
Physical Education Teacher
Fowlerville Junior High School
Fowlerville, MI

"The drastic and continual increase in childhood obesity and inactivity and the host of related complications in the US is a foremost concern for parents, educators, and medical professionals. The true value of this book is that it is not merely another fitness book that simply recites popular exercise and nutrition fads and fallacies. Instead, Brzycki and Fornicola decipher fact from myth as they provide a safe,
effective and scientifically efficacious guide to improving youth fitness."

Luke Carlson
Discover Strength Personal Fitness Center Inc.
10100 6th Avenue North, Suite #116
Plymouth, MN 55441

"Matt Brzycki and Fred Fornicola have tackled a daunting task for kids, educators and parents alike by creating a much needed fitness plan for the youth of America. Everybody says obesity is a problem but I am glad somebody is finally providing a comprehensive book to provide education and an actual plan specifically to help kids get fit. As an owner of several Brzycki books I look forward to this one."

Ryan Ash, BS, MS
Howell High School
Teacher and Coach

"This nation is facing a serious epidemic – one that is proving to be detrimental to the health and well-being of today’s youth.
Youth Fitness is timely in delivering a critical message that our children are at great risk due to sedentary lifestyles, lack of exercise and poor nutrition. At the same time, this book acts as a valuable resource by providing a practical, commonsense approach to getting fit and staying healthy. I applaud the authors for leading the way to a happier and healthier lifestyle for our children!"

Kelly Rosa-Bian
Health & Physical Education Teacher
Shady Grove Elementary School