Monday, September 25, 2006

A Great Exercise Combo for Upper Body Development

I have been strength training for a number of years and have found few greater exercises than the standard push up and the under hand chin up. These two exercises work every muscle in the upper body and if done in a back to back fashion for multiple sets can also get the heart beating as well. To often these exercises are overlooked in a strength building program, possibly because they are classified as “beginner” exercises, or because they don’t use fancy exercise machines, or simply because they are just to challenging for the average Joe or Jane. I will tell you that these exercises can be adapted to any fitness level and provide a challenging workload for a large number of muscle groups, which is why they rank very high on my exercise choice list. Whether you can perform 1 repetition or 10 repetitions that’s only a starting point, each workout try to add a repetition or two, you will be surprised at the fitness level you can achieve. - Doug Scott, Strength Coach