Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The High Intensity Training (HIT) I Remember

"The HIT I remember was a group of guys and a few women that trained as hard as we could, became friends and understood what we were doing. Today we have new factions of HIT everyday, arguments on discussion boards by lab geeks about rep speed, TUL (Time Under Load), who trains the hardest and on and on about things that really don't matter when you ACTUALLY work out. Nautilus History is being rewritten to suit todays experts and much of the real History will be forgotten. Now we have lab coats and stopwatches replacing the strength training equipment in so called HIT Gyms. Endless arguments about Free weights vs. Machines by experts with more time on the computer than in a real gym with free weights, machines, power racks, strongman equipment, sleds, and sand bags. Stuff that matters." - Jim Bryan

Editors Note: Jim Bryan was fortunate to be one of those who worked directly with Arthur Jones in the early days of Nautilus where he learned how to work hard and efficiently. Hard work and efficiency, along with a emphasis on safety are the same training principles used here at Premiere Personal Fitness.