Friday, December 04, 2009

The Five Components of Health and Fitness - An Introduction

The following information is based on my 30+ years in the field of health and fitness and what I've discovered to be the "tried and true" of what it takes to becoming physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually "fit". These components are the bricks to the foundation and will be lightly elaborated on over the coming installements. For now, here is your introduction to the Five Components to health and Fitness.

Becoming healthy and fit is a very personal journey and in developing a sound fitness program, a person has many things to consider. Getting “in shape” goes beyond the physical and should include mental, emotional and spiritual needs and goals as well. This personalized program has certain requirements then to help achieve those goals and after carefully evaluating ones medical history, current situation, goals and expectations, a program can be built on these five factors that I feel are needed for complete fitness.

Strength Training
Cardiovascular Conditioning
Flexibility Training
Proper Nutrition

In the next installment I will take an overall look at strength training.

Fred Fornicola