Thursday, December 03, 2009

Fueling Up Your Workout

The fuel systems being used for high intensity resistance and cardio training are different than they are for just cardiovascular or strength activity of lower intensity. Basically, intense training uses glucose for fuel - some of which is from the bloodstream - and the rest is used from glycogen stores (sugar) in the muscles and liver. Lower intensity activity primarily uses fatty acids for fuel which we generally have plenty. Muscle and liver glycogen have limited stores so we must make sure we fuel them properly for maximum performance. I am splitting up the times to eat in case you have limited time in the morning before you train. Here are some
sample meals you can eat before higher intensity workouts:

30-60 minutes before:
*Fresh fruit
*Yogurt with fresh fruit
*Endura electrolyte drink
*Protein shake with fresh fruit

2 hours before:
*Whole grain pancakes topped with fruit butter (apple)
*Multi grain cereal with fresh fruit
*Cooked cereal with fresh fruit
*Apple with Smart Balance peanut butter
*Van's organic waffles with peanut butter and some fruit butter

Next time: Fueling Post Workout for Maximum Gains

Tom Mantos