Sunday, February 07, 2010

You Have To Earn It First

If you’re just starting a dieting regimen, you need to stick to your plan for at least 30 days before taking any liberties – i.e. grabbing a cookie here or a piece of candy there. Keep the following analogy in mind next time you want to cheat on your diet: Let’s say you start a new job and after your first week you walk into your boss’s office at 3PM and tell him you’re cutting out early to get a jump on the weekend. How do you think that’s going to fly? You haven’t earned that reward yet – just like you haven’t earned the reward of cheating on your diet yet if you haven’t put the time in. Now let’s consider a week’s vacation from work. You definitely have to put in your time to be able to request time and take off from work – same holds true for a real “cheat meal” if you are newly into your new eating plan. The point is simple; be diligent in your quest to stick with your program, resist temptation and develop solid habits and then feel free to reward yourself every now and again as you should in every day life. – Fred Fornicola