Monday, November 27, 2006

The Importance of Daily Activity

In previous posts it has been mentioned that proper workout intensity along with sufficient recovery are vital to improve ones muscular strength and overall fitness. For the most part I can’t agree more; however, too often the aspect of recovery is taken out of context and too much time is spent “resting”. There are some factions of the strength training community that feel that any activity outside of the fitness center is detrimental to the recovery process. Although I do feel that recovery is an important element in the total fitness equation, I also believe that performing some sort of daily activity is also important. This activity, whenever possible, should take place outdoors in the “fresh air” and involve light to moderate exercise. Activates such as brisk walking, biking, hiking and callisthenic exercises are all terrific. The idea is to get the body moving -allowing the heart rate to become elevated, have the breathing rate increase and generally allow blood to flow freely throughout the body. Just 10-15 minutes of daily activity has many benefits which include improved mood, clearer thinking, better memory and improved physical fitness. So find 10-15 minutes each day and get moving, you’ll feel better after. – Doug Scott, Strength Coach