Sunday, November 05, 2006

Just a Typical Sunday Morning

Sunday is my one and only day off from training people and I try to make the day as personally fulfilling as possible. That entails me spending time with my wife and daughter, running some errands, trying to squeeze in some alone time so I can pursue one of my interests and of course, take in a workout. You’d think after spending 60 hours a week around a gym, the last thing I would want to do is “grab a workout” on my day off, but my Sunday workouts are probably my most satisfying. I don’t have to rush and perform a workout between clients but more importantly, I can go where I love to train the most – the beach. I could use the beach as a full-time gym and be the happiest guy in the world. There’s nothing like working out when the sun’s just rising, waves are breaking and you're using nature as your gym.

As I explain to most of my clients, health isn’t just about your body, it’s about the mind and spirit as well and finding the “balance” is what will yield a healthier, more fit you. Hey, what good is it to have a great body when your spirit is in the wrong place and you can’t enjoy life? One of my long-time clients, Bob V. stated one day that he “strength train as a means to being able to do other activities”. Bob - who is an avid cyclist - gets it. He understands that strength training in all its forms is about improving overall health and fitness – inside and out.

Ok, back to my Sunday workout. My daughter Alexa and our dog – a Golden Retriever named Angel, went to the beach to grab a family workout. Understanding what is involved in having a successful workout, I used the surrounding resources of the beach including the sand, rocks, a very large piece of driftwood plus a snow sled with a 50ft. rope lead I brought from home. Alexa provided resistance for the sled pulling as well as counted my reps for my push-ups, Angel accompanied me as a running partner on the sand and the rocks and drift wood were used for various activities that used my legs, lower and upper back as well as my chest, shoulders and arms and gripping muscles. Doing these activities with a high level of effort and intensity enabled me to have a very complete and successful workout that thoroughly challenged and stimulated my entire musculature and cardiovascular system.

Strength and fitness is about understanding what it takes to provide the right stimulus for YOUR body, mind and spirit and once you get “IT” the sky’s the limit. Make an effort to understand what it takes to have a balanced program and find time to execute it – you will be able to enjoy that much more of what life has to offer.

“Train With A Purpose”

Fred Fornicola