Monday, January 22, 2007

A Breath of Fresh Air

About 2 weeks ago I took a long walk with my dog through a local park and I was glad to see there was a lot of activity going on. This was in part due to the mild temperatures we've been experiencing here on the east coast. People were out jogging, roller blading, power walking and kids were just running around, you could feel the energy from all the activity.

Well, it's finally starting to get a little colder and this is the time of year when people fall in to their sedentary state - a hibernation of sorts. They get a bit lazy and find excuses for blowing off exercise, they become less motivated, usually because they can hide behind a thick sweater or over sized sweatshirt add really start packing on the extra LB's. LB's - you know, POUNDS! Well, your health and fitness isn't a part time gig and just because it's cold outside doesn't mean it's okay to take a pass on doing some form of exericse.

OK, some of you are going to think I'm a bit nuts or even a little weird, but those who know me already know that, so for you others this may come as a little shock. I own and operate my own training facility in Asbury Park, NJ and have access to some of the best equipment in the industry but prefer to train outside with sand bags and my stone that I had made. In fact, just the other morning at 6AM I was outside on my front porch working out and at the start of my training session it started to snow. It was very invigorating - physically, mentally, spiritually. The peacefulness of the morning, the crispness of the air (which by the way makes it a bit more challenging to breathe in) and the personal satisfaction of completing a workout was and is extremely rewarding.

All I'm trying to do here is encourage you to get outside and not use the weather, time of year or "I can't get to the gym" excuse. Find time - make time.

Here is a chapter that I wrote for a project called GET FIT NJ! It is entitled "Exercising Outdoors - An Informal Approach to Fitness". Please take the time to read it and pass it along to others that you feel may benefit. - Fred Fornicola, Premiere Personal Fitness