Wednesday, December 19, 2007

TRX Comments

I recieved my TRX on Nov 9, and have used it exclusively since then, twice a week. No other weights or machines. Today, I "tested" myself on chins at the local community center. In spite of doing only layback rows on the TRX, I gained a chinup, executing 14 and a partial, which for me is great. My last attempt at regular chins was 13 barely. This is interesting as I can do more layback rows, due to part of my bodyweight being supported, but the strength "transferred" big time. I am 57 YO, 5'8", about 145 lbs. So I'm not a big guy. I'm also arthritic in the spine and knees. I'm not sure how you larger guys are doing on the TRX, but for me, it's the best all around fitness tool I've ever owned. It works.
The TRX works fine for me. The exercises are as challenging as you want them to be. No joint pain, though. I can move very quickly between exercises. One of the problems with bw exercise is the lack of low body stuff. You either have to do tons of reps of squats or do pistols, which I think are hard for most people and possibly not knee friendly. With the TRX I can do really hard lower body workouts.And everybody knows about the core stuff. If I could only have one peice of equipment it would be this one. And my wife loves the fact it takes up no space when I'm not using it.

“UNBELIEVEABLE! What a great workout I just had with Fred. He kicked my butt from head to toe in less than 30 minutes using just the TRX Suspension Trainer. I was amazed at how many exercises could be done using the TRX and how intense the workout was. I look forward to using it again for my next workout.”

“…a very simple device that attaches easily to any structure and sturdy enough to support your full bodyweight and adds more productive exercises to your training ‘tool box.’”

If you are interested in purchasing the TRX Suspension Trainer or would like to be trained by me, please feel free to contact me. - Fred Fornicola