Friday, December 14, 2007

Red Meat Rant

It seems like red meat is always getting a bad rap. Claims of increased cholesterol, heart disease and now obesity makes you wonder how anyone's ever survived past 30 if they were meat eaters.

My question is this: Is "red meat" the real reason for these problems or is it that the red meat that most people tend to eat is from steroid fed, antibiotic, hormone injected cows who graze on insecticide and pesticide grass?

What if we were to eat hormone and antibiotic free beef with no chemicals? Would red meat still be the "bad guy"? Probably not. So what can you do? First thing, try and eat Certified Angus beef (90%). It's claims are that it is drug free of what the every day cow is eating. Also try eating more game like venison and buffalo if you can.

Hey, what I'm throwing out here is not backed by science and no guarantee to what I'm saying is accurate - it just seems logical and I'm just putting it out there for consideration. Fred Fornicola