Thursday, January 10, 2008

Less Filling - Tastes Great

For years now there have been countless discussions (and I use the term "discussions" loosely) of different training protocols espoused over the Internet, with individuals claiming to be an authority or “in the know”, while others are "prophesizing" “new found secrets”. What I get a kick out of the most is those who think they know of what they speak and have their own interpretation of what “is”, as if they have discovered something new. Dissension runs ramped, even among those in the same “camps” because everyone is bucking for some kind of training supremacy while in truth, it doesn’t make a bit of difference what group or protocol you follow as long as your training is safe, sensible and productive.

The self-indulgent (and most often, incompetent) debates that are encountered are no more beneficial than most “less filling – tastes great” arguments you would hear between two drunks at a bar, and yet they continue on. To hear someone make a statement such as “high intensity training can’t work” has never truly trained properly using a high intensity approach. The same holds true for anyone who states that high intensity training is THE only way to train and all other methods are substandard. Comments such as these only show the ignorance of the individual stating them and more than likely are just regurgitating what they have read on a chat board or parroting some self-promoting modern day guru whom they idolize. - Fred Fornicola