Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Abbreviated Routines

Dr. Ken Leistner wrote a great article (one of many) back in December 2000 in the Hard Training Newsletter entitled “More On Abbreviated Routines”. Doc summed up how an abbreviated routine based around “squats” worked very hard two times a week and a couple pressing and pulling movements would more than satisfy the catalyst to improve one’s muscular (and cadiorespiratory) strength. Doc Ken also stated (and I concur) how many people are afraid of an abbreviated routine that involves fewer than four or five exercises done for one all-out effort and that that type of workout isn’t enough “work”.

I believe that many individuals, especially those who use recreational activities often, would benefit tremendously from an abbreviated or limited training program. If the following type movements aren’t contraindicating to an individual, a focus on some type of deep-knee bend, an overhead press and a pulling movement (especially one from the floor) would enable a trainee to stimulate all the major muscle groups if worked hard and consistently two or three times per week. A selection of bodyweight exercises, dumbbells, barbells, stones, sand bags and other odd objects would certainly fit the bill for a person to perform enough work to stimulate the overall musculature. Fred Fornicola