Thursday, August 30, 2007

Try It and Find Out

“Try it and find out!” are probably the simplest words ever spoken, yet by far the most influential. Quite often, people ask opinions or suggestions from others who they feel or deem to be more knowledgeable than themselves. And like most often times, a person will respond by either regurgitating what they were told or think to be a correct response based on something they’ve read, have seen or possibly heard. Few are ever capable of recognizing what they’ve actually gained from personal experience because they are anticipating what they were told to expect or they feel they should be giving an “obvious or anticipated” response. And unfortunately, fewer individuals respond with what would be the best response which is “I don’t know”. For those who really “don’t know”, this would be the best possible (and you would think the most obvious) answer they could provide. For others who really “do know”, this too would be the best possible answer they could provide. Allow me to explain.

Too often, as I stated previously, individuals dole out recommendations with little or no working knowledge. More often than not it would be best to provide no comment or suggestion at all, but as I stated, most people need to express their thoughts. For those who truly understand what is of value, the sound advice of “Try it and find out” can be the best counsel one could ever offer. Being unique individuals with distinct needs, one can through trial and error discover what is in fact best for them.

I’ll leave you with this provoking quote from Luc de Clapiers de Vauvenargues: “The things we know best are things we haven’t been taught.” - Fred Fornicola