Monday, August 06, 2007

Staying Lean

I have always had trouble keeping a lean tight appearance. When I was competing in Body building in the 60’s and 70’s I tried all the suggestions that were common then. Training everyday and sometimes twice a day. Higher reps were a common answer. We also had our share of the “latest and Greatest” fat removing supplements. I tried them all, and it did work on my wallet. It got very lean. I never have had a problem looking “bigger.” Sometimes I looked much bigger than I really was. A blocky, thick look was handed down by my Grand Father. It missed my Dad. He was always very lean and muscular.

I was in the Gym everyday, pounding away. A few of my training partners had no problem at all staying lean and muscular. No thought was given to genetics back then. It had to be some secret training method. It never did occur to me that these guys were training just like me but getting and staying lean when I wasn’t. The answer had to be in the next issue of “Strength And Health” or “Muscular Development” or “Iron Man.” I read the Weider Mags too but didn’t believe much of it’s content. The York Gang were my heroes.

Gradually it dawned on me. I always ate way more than I needed. These same training partners and I would share meals. I really mean “share.” They rarely finished what they were eating and I would eat my portion and whatever they had left. So I’m thinking, “The leanest of these guys don’t have the appetite that I have.” So for a contest that was coming up I decided to cut back on the chow. At that contest I was more lean than ever. I had found the “secret.” For me anyway. This new addition to my training life took a lot of discipline. I was hungry much of the time but I had the “lean look” that I wanted. Carbs were out, and this was long before Dr. Atkins was heard of.

All of the “Fat Burners” only burned a whole in my finances. I had a huge supplement bill every month. Once I found out what I needed to do (for myself) it was pretty simple. Most things are simple when you remove all the BS and hype. Eat sensible and work out hard. No supplements necessary. Just iron and getting up from the table before everyone else.

Today I use the Fitday website to help me stay within a good calorie guideline. I stray now and then but know my body and soon get back on track. I have found that for me the “KISS Method” works everytime. - Jim Bryan