Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Arthur Jones

Arthur Jones revolutionized strength training and the world of bodybuilding back in the early '70's by challenging mainstream thinking when he brought Nautilus equipment and his principles of hard, brief training to the forefront.

Arthur challenged the industry hard, leaving a wake in his path, and while he was not adorned by many, he was highly respected by those who came in contact with him. His straightforward approach and hard-nosed logic made Arthur Jones a man, who when he spoke, people listened.

I consider myself to be fortunate to have learned of Arthur Jones when I was at the tender age of 16 and have learned a great deal from his writings and applying his philosophy on training. I am also very lucky to have friends who were "there" when Nautilus and high intensity training were pioneering a more safe, efficient and effective means of exercise.

Today, Mr. Jones died at his home in Florida and he leaves a legacy that only those who knew him could truly understand. I offer my condolences to his friends and family and appreciate what he has done for me and the fitness industry. I don't think there will be another like Arthur Jones.