Monday, October 22, 2007

Premiere Personal Fitness Product Line

Just a quick update to the exciting news that I will be carrying select products at Premiere Personal Fitness. The website is nearly done and PPF will be offering the following products:

TRX Suspension Trainer - a versatile tool for home, travel and the gym
Elite Power Rings & Agility Ladders - great for athlete's
Slater's Lifting Stones - another valuable tool that can be used anywhere
Dave Draper's Top Squat - favorably endorsed by Dr. Ken Leistner
Dr. Paul Kennedy's DVD "The Kennedy System" - A great serious for getting healthy and lean
Phone Consultation - If you can't come in one-on-one, we can discuss your exercise and health program on the phone

Books by Brzycki and Fornicola, top grade supplements such as Dream Protein & Full Strength along with healthy living evaluations and a whole lot more coming soon

For more information call 908.433.4542 or email at

Premiere Personal Fitness