Saturday, October 13, 2007

A Beginners Strategy for Losing Weight - Part 1

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An acquaintance of mine made a suggestion that I offer some ideas to beginners for losing weight. I would tweak his choice of "weight" by being more specific in saying "fat" but I do agree with his recommendation and feel this is a valid and hopefully useful topic to cover (and one which I will discuss in subsequent posts in greater detail) and hope this can help many people.

In most of my posts on this blog, I have what is usually an underlying message (and on occasions, I'm not shy by offering pretty direct thoughts as well) that the "doing" is the key to success. I have offered ideas on how to go about creating an exercise regimen that involves for the most part, a few exercises that when worked on a consistent basis can offer tremendous health benefits.

What I am offering you in this first segment is an uncomplicated way to start your way to losing weight without any excuses.

We will continue this later......... - Fred Fornicola