Friday, November 09, 2007

What Can You Do In 30 Minutes?

At Premiere Personal Fitness, we use an approach that is based on controlled and safe training, and we combine it with an intense effort at a solid tempo throughout the entire workout. This provides a stimulus for both the muscular and cardiorespiratory systems and because of our hard work, most clients train in roughly 30 minutes - and in some cases, 15-20 minutes is all that is needed.

At my facility, we have all types of equipment from machines, barbells, dumbbells and "odd training tools". We use whatever we can get our hands on to provide a safe, efficient and effective workout and put a strong emphasis on "enjoying the process".

Part of making things fun is introducing new ideas, different styles and of course, new "toys" to use. For a while now, I have been using the TRX Suspension Trainer with my clients and having great success. Recently, one of my long time, dedicated clients requested a little change in his style of training and included in his request was if I would train along with him. I was reluctant at first for a few reasons - mainly because I prefer to train alone - but after giving it some thought, I felt that it might actually be good for both of us.

He, like me, enjoys performing the bulk of his work doing bodyweight movements and lifting stones. He trains really hard, has a pretty good understanding of exercise and so the "match-up" works well for now - plus he and I have had the opportunity to experiment and find out the nuances of the TRX, so the experience has been very beneficial to me because it has allowed me to utilize the TRX system more effectively and intelligently.

Listed below is a workout that we've done recently. It took us just about 30 minutes to complete and we were pretty wiped out at the end. All of our exercises were worked to muscular fatigue and we moved quickly between exercises - allowing jut enough rest for the person to perform their set.

TRX Handstand Pushup
TRX Rows
TRX Suspended Pushup
TRX Rows
TRX Leg Curl
TRX Leg Extension
TRX Hip Kick
TRX Bicep Curls
TRX Tricep Extension
TRX Suspended Crunch
That's it - 10 total sets in under 30 minutes

Anyone interested in using the TRX Suspension Trainer or Ordering one, please contact me -Fred Fornicola