Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Premiere Personal Fitness

At Premiere Personal Fitness, we focus on strength and conditioning training for all levels of fitness. By utilizing a high level of intensity in our training sessions, we are able to provide a safe, efficient and effective workout to help you achieve your fitness goals. And each and every workout is personally supervised in our private training facility. With equipment ranging from Hammer Strength, Nautilus and Pendulum to free weights, sand bags, stones and other “tools of the trade,” we can provide you with the opportunity to improve performance in all areas of your life.

Because we believe in getting the most out of each and every training session, we will adhere to the following guidelines:

- We perform full-body workouts, two or three times per week
- We use a high level of effort on each and every set of our exercises
- We perform exercises that utilize all the major muscle groups of the body
- We raise and lower the resistance using the muscle’s greatest range of motion
- We perform each repetition in a very controlled manner so our muscles move the weight – not momentum
- We move quickly (60 seconds) between each exercise to achieve a cardiovascular benefit
- We never exceed more than 30 minutes for our training sessions
- We strive to work hard during each and every workout

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