Thursday, November 29, 2007

Bodyweight and Beyond

As I've discussed in past posts - this one in particular - you will see that I am a big advocate of bodyweight exercises. Pushups, chinups, squats, crunches, plank holds and the like are phenomenal exercises for developing strength and conditioning and are quite often overlooked as part of an individuals exercise program. Granted, for some, doing a pullup or pushup is too challenging and can then be contraindicating to their quest for improved health, but there are other options.

This is where the TRX Suspension Trainer really comes in handy. This simple, yet effective piece of equipment can enable anyone of any strength level to perform exercises to stimulate the major muscles of the legs and upper torso. The mid-section, low back and hip area (also known as the "core") is heavily stimulated when the exercises are performed correctly - even if they aren't directly being worked!

And if you think the TRX is only for those who are looking to get "tone" - then you might want to look again!